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The Scout Promise

On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best,
To do my duty to God and to the Country,
To help other people
And to obey the Scout Law.

"On my honour, I promise that I will do my best"
You will do as well as you are able, because it is very important to you.
You will not always succeed with what you are doing, however you will always know whether you have given your best attempt!
"to do my duty to God and to the Country"
Duties are those tasks which you have to do. You should try to do those thing you know need doing before someone else tells you to do them. Your duty to the Queen, includes showing respect for her and what she stands for as the head of your country. This includes obeying the laws of your country (and any other country which you visit).
"to help other people"
Whenever you see someone in need of help, don't let them struggle, find out if there is anything you can do to help.
"And to obey the Scout Law"
You will always do your utmost to obeys the rules of the Scout Law.

The Scout Law

  1. A Scout is to be trusted.
  2. A Scout is loyal.
  3. A Scout is friendly and considerate.
  4. A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts.
  5. A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
  6. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
  7. A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

1. A Scout is to be trusted.
Always keep your promises, if you agree to do something, then make sure that you do it.
2. A Scout is loyal.
As a Scout, you are dedicated to Scouting, your family, friends and your work.
3. A Scout is friendly and considerate.
As a Scout you must always think about how what you do may affect others (including people that you do not know). This includes such things as not making noise which may disturb your neighbours and always disposing of your litter carefully.
4. A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts.
The Scout movement is like a large family, and as such you will find that you can share in Scout activities throughout the world.
5. A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
Whatever you are doing, when the going get tough, you will do your best to overcome your difficulties.
6. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
Plan what you are going to do and when. For example, when you get home from school, plan your evening, do your home-work first!
Always look after the items you own and the things you use, and everyone else's for that matter. When you are at school, look after the books and equipment you are given to use.
7. A Scout has respect for himself and for others.
Look after yourself, don't rely on someone else to tell you when to do things. For example, your parents will not always be with you to tell you to get washed in the morning, or dress smartly.
You may not always agree with other people, but you should always be willing to listen to what they have to say, and you should respect their views and opinions even when they do not match your own point of view.

The Scout Motto
Be Prepared


 N C C – National cadet corps.Motto ----- unity  and   decipline.The N C C in India raised on 15 th July 1948. It is formed for the benefits of school and college students, because they are the future citizens and the pillars of the nation. The N C C cadets go to help the victims of the cyclone, floods, Tsunami and other natural calamities.AIM OF N C C.1.     To develop leadership qualities.2.     To develop courage and discipline.3.     To develop the interest in all walks in life for the service of the nation,4.     To motivate the youth to taken up a career in the armed forces,5.      It also inculcates good qualities to sustain challenges of the globalised world.Our school has registered N C   C unit as O (9) Battalion no     in the year 2009-2010 with 25 cadets and this year ( 2010-2011) also  25 cadets were joined. Every Thursday a trainer from 9(O) JW. Battalion Rourkela gives the training for the cadets. Now, for all functions in the vidyalaya our cadets give parade and other programmes enthusiastically. ACHIEVEMENTSAfter two years of practice our first year 25 cadets gave an exam for certificate “A” on 11.1.2011. Now all are eagerly waiting for the result. JAI HIND.    

  Scouts, Guides & NCC:

   The Bharat Scouts & Guide unit of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sundargarh is established in 1996. Since now this unit organized different Community Work, Social Work, Awareness Activities, Literary Programmes etc. Last session we were observed different activities which was instructed by KVS Bharat Scouts & Guides.

04 Students Passed in Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp

1. Sandeep Patel                  Class X

2. Saurabh Naik                    Class X

3. Milind Dansana                  Class X

3. Subhaprakash Sahoo          Class IX

  The Bharat Scouts & Guide unit of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sundargarh is established in 1996. Since now this unit organized different Community Work, Social Work, Awareness Activities, Literary Programmes etc. Last session we were observed different activities which was instructed by KVS Bharat Scouts & Guides.

06 students participated for Pre-Rajya Puraskar Camp at KV Khurda Road.


1.   Niharika Bhol 2.                  Amrita Kar


1.  Swati Sarangi 2.                  Tabasum Parbin


01 Smrutirani Pruseth III A.K.Pruseth 27.12.03   PRAVESH
02 Ipsita Mohanty III W.Monthey 03.02.03   PRAVESH
03 KamaKshi Sekher Deo III B.Sekher Deo 05.06.02   PRAVESH
04 Pritiusudha Barpanda III P.Barpanda 20.09.03   PRAVESH
05 Sneha Naik III K.Naik 01.03.04   PRAVESH
06 Shreyal Mahanandia III DMahanandia 14.02.03   PRAVESH
07 Alka  Rose Tirkey III L.Tirkey 07.03.02   PRAVESH
08 Anisha Petal III R.Kr.Petal 27.11.02   PRAVESH
09 Aarohi Kesari III A.Kesari 25.09.03   PRAVESH
01 Amisha Patel IV Biswajit Patel 03.04.02   Pratham
02 Anchal Sharma IV Ajay Sharma 25.02.03   Pratham
03 Aroma Ray IV Lalatendu Ray 26.05.02   Pratham
04 Kiran devi Naik IV Ashok Kr.Naik 30.12.02   Pratham
05 Madhusmita Das IV Prafulla Ku. Das 04.09.01   Pratham
06 Madhusmita Naik IV Late P.K. Naik 26.03.02   Pratham
07 Muskan Bhitria IV Pushpamitra Bhitria 20.11.01   Pratham
08 Priyanka Thakur IV Pankaj Thakur 16.12.01   Pratham
09. Rashmi Rani IV Suresh Ku. Sandha 01.08.01   Pratham
10. Rinki patel IV Durga M. Patel 26.03.03   Pratham
11. Sipra Sarita Mishra IV Manoranjan Mishra 22.05.02   Pratham
12. Stuti Naik IV Suresh Naik 18.10.02   Pratham
13. Subhasmita Choudhury IV Sunil Ku. Choudhury 06.01.03   Pratham
14. Sweta Choudhury IV Pawan Choudhury 09.12.02   Pratham
15. Protusha Ghosh IV Prasant Ghosh 12.03.03   Pratham
01 Amisha patel V A.Ku.Patel 30-12-00 Dwitiya
02 RukminiDevi V B.Kr.Sahu 21-12-00   Dwitiya
03 Adwitee Lima V G.Lima 20-12-01   Dwitiya
04 Mousumi Majhi V U.Majhi 23-10-00   Dwitiya
05 Aditi Dash V S.Dash 28-02-02   Dwitiya
06   Snigdha Naik V S.Naik 04-11-01   Dwitiya
07 Prachi Patel V A.Patel 04-12-01   Dwitiya
08 Shruti Sahay V B.Sahay 15-05-02 Dwitiya
09 Risa Prangya V R.C.Malla 01-08-02   Dwitiya
10 Reetu Barnali V G.K.Nayak 03-02-01   Dwitiya
01 Anisha Priya Oram VI S.Oram 24.09.99 Pravesh
02 Ranju Banik VI S.S Banik 09.04.01   Pravesh
03 Omshree Patel VI S.N Patel 24.07.00   Pravesh
04 Akankshya Panigrahi VI M.Ku.Panigrahi 22.04.00   Pravesh
05 Sipra S.Naik VI S.Ku .Naik 01.01.01   Pravesh
06   Ipsita Bhitria VI P.Bhitria 11.03.00   Pravesh
07 Gargi Thaty VI D.Thaty 21.02.01   Pravesh
08 Sweta Naik VI P.Ku.Naik 13.05.00   Pravesh
09 Manaswini Padhy VI M.Padhy 10-10.00   Pravesh
10 Swati Gupta VI D.Gupta 23.02-00   Pravesh
11 Kiran Patel VI S.Patel 12.03.00   Pravesh
12 P.Mohanty VI P.Mohanty 26.11.99   Pravesh
13 Simranjit Kawr VI S.Singh 16.03.00   Pravesh
14 Akansha Rani Ekka VI B.Ekka 19.09.99   Pravesh
15 Sweta Gupta VI S.Gupta 30.07.00   Pravesh
16 Anwesha Panda VI B.Panda 04.05.01   Pravesh
17 Ankita Mishra VI S.Kr Mishra 30.07.00   Pravesh
18 Sonali Naik VI N.Kr.Naik 13.12.00   Pravesh
19 Astha Naik VI N.Naik 08.03.01 Pravesh
20 Agnika Sarangi VI D.kumar Sarangi 16.08.00 Pravesh
01 Swagatika Naik VII Arun kumar Naik 28.11.1999   Pratham Sopan
02 Sweta Smita Patel VII Titendra kr. Patel 26.04.1999   Pratham Sopan
03 Swagatika Sahoo VII Pardeep Kr. Sahoo 30.12.1999   Pratham Sopan
04 Sikha Ankita Hasda VII Ignace hasda 24.07.1999   Pratham Sopan
05 Anuradha Patel VII Gokula Nanda Patel 21.01.1999   Pratham Sopan
01 SushreeAliva VIII SatchidanandaSahoo 22.05.1998   PrathamSopan
02 ArdhanaSoreng VIII Alban Soreng 26.01.1999   PrathamSopan
03 PrietyChoudhry VIII PawanChoudhry 28.09.1999   PrathamSopan
01 DivyaSwaroopaLuha IX BigneswarLuba 15.08.1998   DwitiyaSopan
02 SwetaSaraf IX SatyanarayanSaraf 17.10.1997   DwitiyaSopan
03 DeepaliKiran Thakur IX Somyandra Thakur 10.06.1997   DwitiyaSopan
01 ShipraSaehi XI C.G.Dash 20.05.1995   TRITIYA SOPAN
02 Somali Padhy XI SurendraNath 04.09.1995   TRITIYA SOPAN
03 SonaliPruseth XI AnupKr.Pruseth 13.07.1995   TRITIYA SOPAN




REPORT ON NCC (2012-2013)


ncc logo


1) Troop No                       -----     315

2) No. of cadets                  ----     1st year 25 & 2nd year 25

3) Day of parade practice    ----     Every Thursdays

                                     CAMP ATTENDED.

5) Annual Training Camp    ----      10 Cadets were attended for 10 days

6) National Integration Camp ---   02 cadets were attended for 10 days

7) Motto of NCC                ------    UNITY AND DISCIPLINE.

8) Aim                         ------       To develop character, discipline, ideals of selfless service etc.

         To proven the above said aim, our first batch cadets were attended the examinations and they got Certificate ‘A’. The second batch cadets were also wrote the exam and received their certificates.

                  Our Vidyalaya  is taking all the steps to enlighten the NCC  in all the ways.

                               Thank you

                                                                                                                    CTO   ( K.Sudha)








April 2012

Enrollment of new cadets from classes 7th & 8th. (25 cadets)

School level


Jul 2012

Given Parade practices in all Thursdays and a few Sundays.

  School Level


Aug 2012

Celebration of Independence Day on 15/07/12 and given various programs by the NCC cadets.

School Level


Sept 2012

Practices NCC song and Parade practice in all Thursdays.

School level


Nov 2012

Celebrated NCC Day along with women’s college senior cadets and went really for the awareness of Aids and Tobacco free life.

District Level


Dec 2012

12 Cadets were attended AIC at Rourkela Sector 7 ISPAT Vidyalaya and try were got positions for firing and other activities. Cadets given Exam for Certificate ‘A’ in the last day of camp.

District Level


Jan 2013

Celebrated Republic Day Parade and gives other Cultural Programs.

School Level


Feb 2013

Given Parade practices in all Thursdays.

School Level


Mar 2013

No NCC Classes, because of annual Exams.



Apr 2013

Celebrated Earth Day on 22/04/2013 at women’s college along with other school cadets.

District Level


Mrs K.Sudha

CTO                                                                                                                                                                   PRINCIPAL